Pick your own fruit

We have a large selection of pick your own fruit at Cheeki Cherries. We have listed all of our cherry, apricot, nectarine and peach varieties and descriptions, to give you an indication of the best time to pick the different varieties. During the season we also have raspberries and strawberries for sale from our store, depending on availability.



Maturity– Mid November.

Fruit Shape –Heart.

Skin Colour -Mahogany.

Flesh Colour -Dark red.

Hardness – Soft tomedium.

Flavour – Subtlesweet flavour.


Maturity– Mid-late November.

Fruit Shape -Round heart.

Skin Colour – Darkred.

Flesh Colour -Dark red.

Hardness – Semihard.

Flavour – Goodtaste.


Maturity – Third week November.

Fruit Shape – Heart.

Skin Colour -Mahogany/black.

Flesh Colour -Light red.

Hardness – Soft tofirm.

Flavour  – Sweet and juicy.


Maturity  – Early December.

Fruit Shape – Flat heart.

Skin Colour – Dark red, translucent and shiny.

Flesh Colour – Pink with white streaks.

Hardness – Hard.

Flavour – Sweet and not strong or acidic.


Maturity  – Mid December.

Fruit  Shape – Heart.

Skin  Colour – Dark red.

Flesh  Colour – Dark red.

Hardness  – Firm.

Flavour  – Sweet and juicy.


Maturity  – Mid December.

Fruit Shape –  Long heart.

Skin Colour –  Rich burgundy.

Flesh Colour –  Dark red.

Hardness – Firm.

Flavour – Sweet  and juicy.


Maturity  – New Year.

Fruit Shape –  Round heart.

Skin Colour –  Dark red/mahogany.

Flesh Colour –  Red.

Hardness  – Firm.

Flavour – Sweet  and flavourful.


Maturity  – Third week December.

Fruit  Shape – Long heart.

Skin  Colour – Glossy black.

Flesh  Colour – Dark.

Hardness  – Firm.

Flavour  – Moderately sweet.


Maturity  – Third  week December.

Fruit Shape  – Flat heart.

Skin  colour – Dark red.

Flesh  colour – Very dark red.

Hardness  – Hard to very hard, crunchy.

Flavour  – Very good, sweet, not very acidic.


Maturity– Late December.

Fruit Shape -Heart.

Skin Colour – Darkred/mahogany.

Flesh Colour -Dark red.

Hardness – Firmand crunchy.

Flavour – Sweetwith vibrant after taste.


Maturity– Early January.

Fruit Shape – Longheart.

Skin Colour  -Dark red to black.

Flesh Colour – Red.

Hardness – Firm,crunchy.

Flavour – Sweet.


Maturity- Mid January.

FruitShape – Round to heart.

Skin Colour- Dark red.

FleshColour – Red.

Hardness- Hard.

Flavour – Good, sweetand slightly aromatic.


Maturity– Mid January.

FruitShape – Kidney.

SkinColour – Grey/purple.

FleshColour – Red/purple.

Hardness- Firm.

Flavour    – Sweet with low acidity.


Maturity– Early January.

FruitShape – Flat heart.

SkinColour – Dark red.

FleshColour – Red.

Hardness- Crunchy.

Flavour- Sweet.



Maturity – Mid-late December.

Fruit Shape – Round heart.

Skin Colour – Red  blush on yellow.

Flesh Colour –  Cream.

Hardness  – Semi hard.

Flavour  – Mild.


 Maturity – Early January.

Fruit Shape – Round heart.

Skin Colour – Red  blush on yellow background.

Flesh Colour – Cream.

Hardness  – Hard.

Flavour  – Mild, sweet with hints of tartness.


Maturity – Early-mid January.

Fruit Shape – Flat heart.

Skin Colour – Bright light red blush over yellow background.

Flesh Colour – Cream.

Hardness – Very firm.

Flavour – Sweet and mild.



Cluthalate is a self-fertile, late season variety that ripens 30 days after Sundrop and 14 days after Moorpark. Its orange fruit is of medium size, with melting flesh that is sweet and juicy.  Harvest in February.


Royal Rosa is a very early, freestone selection with firm tasty gold flesh, yellow skin with a redblush.  Harvest early January.


Kioto is round shaped and the skin is orange with red accents.  It has agood taste quality and good sugar content. The skin is slightly sour and the pulp is firm.  Harvest January.


Sundrop is an excellent cropper of large oval, yellow skinned fruit that are freestone with sweet and juicy flesh that ripens over a long season. Can be eaten fresh or used for preserving.  Harvest January.


Newcastle is an excellent eating apricot.  Small pale orange to lemon coloured with orange flesh. Full flavoured, freestone. Has a sweet, apricot flavour and is ideal for eating fresh or used in desserts. Makes great jam.  Harvest January.


Medium sized fruit, gold skin with firm flesh.  Harvest from mid-January.


Moorpark is a freestone variety that has superbly flavoured fruit that are medium to large in size. Skin is deep yellow with orange blush that’s fuzz free. The soft and juicy flesh of Moorpark allows the fruit to be suitable for fresh eating, bottling or drying.  Harvest late January.



Yellow fleshed nectarines are slightly tangier than white nectarines, with more acid and less sugar.


White fleshed nectarines contain more sugar and less acid than yellow fleshed nectarines, creating a pleasant sweet flavour. 



The golden flesh of the yellow peach is more acidic than white fleshed peaches, with a tartness that mellows as the peach ripens and softens.


White fleshed peaches are lower in acid than yellow fleshed peaches and taste sweet whether firm or soft.


The fruit firm and is darker on the outside than a typical peach, pale inside and has very little fuzz.  Its flavour is a sweet blend of the two fruits.  Harvest February-March.